About Dylan Johnson, MA

Hi, I am Dylan Johnson, MA, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT#130396) and a graduate of the Clinical Counseling Master’s Degree Program at Antioch University Los Angeles. In addition to my work at TherapySmith, I also work at Antioch University Counseling Center. I provide psychodynamic and humanistic therapy to residents of California, both in-person and via secure face-to-face video-conferencing. I am supervised by Dr. Katherine W. Smith, LMFT#115452.

A Way of Being

Humanistic therapy focuses on your autonomy and agency as you discover your potential and your authentic self. Psychodynamic therapy is a process of exploration of your inner life and relational self.  I adopted these approaches because they align with my strengths. As a therapist, I am curious, warm, and perceptive.

I taught music lessons for a decade, working one-on-one with children, adolescents and adults, and tailoring my approach to fit the individual’s needs. As a result, I have cultivated the ability to listen deeply and carefully, with openness and sensitivity.

Healing and growth occur when we turn towards the painful parts of our experience with an attuned and compassionate other. To provide a sense of safety in walking down this path, I bring a calm, kind and nonjudgmental energy.

Relationships Can Be Healing

As fundamentally social beings, we develop in relationship with others. Our struggles and wounds often have a relational component. For example, we experience shame, which often leads to hiding from others and even ourselves. I see therapy as a relationship centered on helping you find yourself again.

I have experienced the benefits of therapy. In gaining emotional clarity and perspective, change naturally follows. And that is what I seek to provide as a therapist—to meet you where you are and work through what hinders your flourishing.

I am amazed at the uniqueness of every person, yet the shared humanity underlying all of us. That sense of wonder is what inspires me to do this work.

Ready to begin?

If you’d like to schedule time with me to see if we might be a good fit, you can reach out via email: dylanjohnsontherapy@gmail.com