Therapy for Sex Workers

Therapy for sex workers seems like it should be easy to find in Los Angeles, right? But even in the home of Porn Valley, sex work still carries significant social stigma.  Many sex workers find that even the most progressive and inclusive health care providers pathologize sex work. Sometimes it can feel like your provider is more concerned about your job than what you’re going through. Just because you’re struggling with anxiety or depression doesn’t mean it’s because of your job. At TherapySmith, our therapists are sex worker affirmative — that means that we don’t assume that your career is the reason that you’re struggling, but that (like any career path) it presents unique challenges both in your personal and professional life. Sex work is work, after all.

Therapy for sex workers can address job-specific stressors, but often the focus of therapy is the same kinds of issues as it is for non-sex workers. You may be struggling with relationships, depression, anxiety, traumatic experiences, or seeking personal growth. At TherapySmith, you and your therapist will collaborate on the focus and goals of your therapy process.

TherapySmith is associated with Pineapple Support Society, an organization that is devoted to the mental health support for all sex workers. Our therapists provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment for all sex workers, whether you sugar, dance, escort, perform, direct, or produce. We offer in-person as well as teletherapy.