TherapySmith offers teletherapy for individuals, couples, and groups. We’ve been offering teletherapy via phone calls and videoconferencing since 2012. Our practice¬† uses secure videoconferencing platforms for individual and couple therapy and Zoom for groups.

There are limitations to teletherapy — we don’t get to see each other’s body language, we miss the implicit communication (the “feeling” in the room), etc. — as well as privacy concerns. For these reasons, when engaging in teletherapy it is important for you to have a private, distraction-free space where you can avoid interruption. When we are conducting teletherapy, your therapist will be in the office or their home office and will not multi-task. You will have your therapist’s full attention.

However, sometimes technology fails. If the call is disconnected, your therapist will wait for the patient(s) to either rejoin the video call or (if the failure is on the therapist’s side) the therapist will call the patient(s) on the phone. If you are unable to reconnect after two attempts, the session will be ended. Patients are still responsible for the session fee.