Group Therapy

Dr. Smith offers group therapy in the Los Angeles-area for women, non-binary, and gender expansive people. All groups are LGBTQ+ and BIPOC welcoming and affirmative.

Group Therapy is a very dynamic kind of therapy.  It can be intimidating to think about engaging in therapy with more than one other person and that is why Dr. Smith focuses on creating safety and trust in the groups she facilitates.

In group therapy, change occurs via your relationships to each other. As a result, you will improve your social skills and the ability to express yourself effectively.  In addition, you will also find and build a community.

Group Structure and Fees

Participants should attend group regularly because consistent attendance helps to foster a trusting and safe environment. Groups meet weekly with regular breaks for holidays and vacations. 

Participation is limited to 6 people per group, with a minimum of 4 participants in order to begin a group.

The fee for group participation is $75 per session per participant.


Dr. Smith’s role as a group facilitator is to help the groups understand and engage in the process, to provide psychological education, and to mediate as necessary.  It is not Dr. Smith’s role to guide, lead, or tell the group how the group should function. However, there may be times where group members may want to address Dr. Smith and her relationship to the group directly. Group members are encouraged to bring their thoughts about the group to the group, where we can make use of all of our minds and experiences.

For more information, please contact Dr. Smith.

For more general information about group therapy, visit Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles.