You can contact any of our therapists using the forms below or by reaching out to one of us directly.

Taking the time to contact and speak with a therapist before you begin working with them can be critical in finding the right fit. Some important questions to ask your potential therapist are:

    • What is your approach to therapy?
    • Do you work with people long term?
    • How often do you see patients/What is the frequency of sessions?
    • How long are your sessions?
    • How do I prepare for my first session with you?
    • What is typical session like?

TherapySmith therapists offer 20-minute free phone consultations in order to help you decide if you’d like to work with one of us!

Katherine W. Smith, PsyD, LMFT

A picture of Dr. Smith. She is white with blonde hair and wearing a black shirt. She also wears glasses.
Dr. Smith

 You can leave Dr. Smith a message at 323-943-1978, schedule a free phone consultation, or reach out via email:

Or use the form below to contact Dr. Smith.



Mason Lewerenz, MA, AMFT

A photos of Mason Lewerenz, AMFT standing in front of a bougainvillea (a tropical shrub with green leaves and bright fuchsia flowers)

You can reach Mason by emailing them at

Or use the form below to contact Mason.


Dylan Johnson, MA, AMFT

Image of Dylan Johnson, MA.

You can reach Dylan by emailing him at or calling (310) 421-8870.

Or use the form below to contact Dylan.


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