Clinical Consultation/Supervision

In addition to providing psychotherapy services, Dr. Smith also provides clinical consultation and supervision to mental health professionals.

What is “Clinical Consultation?”

Clinical consultation is different than the clinical supervision you may have received during your training.  I am not evaluating or training the clinicians who choose to work with me, instead I am providing an additional perspective or specific expertise on clinical work and private practice psychotherapy. This is your time to talk about anything related to your psychotherapy practice: cases, countertransference, the frame, the business of psychotherapy, etc.

What kind of “expertise” do you have?

Clinically, I have expertise (aka “scope of competence”) in psychotherapy with LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic approaches to working with trans and gender expansive folks, the treatment of chronic and acute suicidality, teletherapy, and depth-oriented psychotherapy (dreams, creative expression, etc.). I incorporate principles of intersectional feminism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, and abolitionism into my work.

My previous career in human resources consulting has given me unique perspective on the business of psychotherapy, particularly private practice. When I coached C-level executives, I focused on what made them valuable in their field and business partnerships. I provide the same focus to clinicians: What is your way of being in business? How do you retain your clinical self while building a sustainable practice? I provide consultation about the nuances of building and maintaining a private practice that typical “boot camps” or seminars lack. I work with you one-on-one or in small groups rather than having a repurposed curriculum that is meant to have broad appeal.

How does consultation or supervision work?

I provide three kinds of clinical consultation:

Early Career Consultation Groups for post-graduate or newly licensed mental health professionals who are in their first two years of practice.

Supervision/Clinical Consultation  for licensed clinicians who are seeking ongoing consultation on their practice.

Case Consultation for licensed clinicians who are seeking consultation for a specific case or clinical situation.

How much does consultation or supervision with you cost?

My rate for clinical consultation and supervision is $200 per session.

If you’d like to talk, book some time with me here.